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Warning: This video contains footage of gore and graphic violence.
Founded in 2020, Stars Collective embodies the ideals of "Diversity, Innovation, Empowerment" to support emerging filmmakers and artists in diversity around the world and discovers the future of film and entertainment aesthetics.
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By Peter Luo, founder of StarsCollective.
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We understand how critical it is for young filmmakers of diverse backgrounds to have the guidance and mentorship of renowned professionals who’ve walked their path. That’s why we’ve assembled a community of world-famous directors and producers to collaborate and curate opportunities for our young talents and their film projects.
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*Names are listed in alphabetic order
Jon M. Chu
Donna Gigliotti
Sanping Han
Eric Heumann
Xiaoming Huang
Liming Ke
Chris Lee
Anthony McCarten
Rob Minkoff
Gianni Nunnari
Sam Raimi
Alan Taylor
Patrick Wachsberger
Paula Wagner
Filmmakers - StarsCollective values distinctive merits and creative storytelling by integrating global resources and bringing together local alliances of film producers and directors.
Artists - StarsCollective is committed to expanding the creative community, partnering with more artists in both traditional and digital fields to explore the potential of NFT creations and the metaverse venture.
We now have 200+ award-winning filmmakers and artists from all over the world.
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Stars Collide
Stars Collide is a brand under StarsCollective. The aim of Stars Collide is to provide young filmmakers with a series of social events and masterclasses to help them build a more robust understanding of the everchanging entertainment industry. Social events will be held both virtually via our Discord community and physically during major film festivals. To reach the widest audience possible, we have and will continue to host our masterclasses through streaming on our YouTube channel.
and Web3.0

As one of the most forward-looking, experimental, and innovative brands in the film and entertainment industry, StarsCollective is now creating a Web 3.0 Entertainment Ecosystem with our massive content IP library and diverse talent community.

We share the common ideals of Decentralization and Openness with the Web3.0 world, that is why we are delicate to be the top brand of entertainment metaverse!
*Names are listed in alphabetic order