Carole Denis
From Hollywood to the Himalayas, French director Carole Denis has crossed decades, continents and genres with her powerful eye for Art Direction and her unforgettable female characters.
For her latest passion project, La Fille du Rang Derrière, a book adaptation of Françoise Dorner’s sulfurous, award winning novel, Carole managed to convince the reluctant author to sell her the rights with an exciting visual presentation.
Reserved but fiercely perseverant, Carole thrives from overcoming professional challenges and has never been afraid to go after what she wants. From graduating with the jury’s praises from the prestigious Beaux Arts Academy in Paris to creating an enviable portfolio of luxury brands as a creative at Saatchi & Saatchi, Carole jumped boat to follow her directing dreams.
She launched her career by conceiving and shooting campaigns for the brands she loved, convinced that they would buy it if they could see it, and it worked! For two decades, Carole has brought her cinematographic touch and poetic vision to the screen for music videos and international brands, from Europe to Asia and the US.
Constantly inspired by women’s lives, imaginative storytelling and powerful photographic imagery, Carole is now planning on bringing her unique vision to the big screen.