Christina Cooper
Christina Cooper, born and raised in the streets of Los Angeles (but of Chinese and Jamaican descent) is a young female movie director, television producer, writer, actress and Forbes 30 under 30 nominee. She is one of the youngest female directors/producers of color to ever have her independent movie “South Central Love” acquired by Viacom & BET Networks for a nationwide release independently with full ownership to her film. Christina started off acting in a series called “Dear White People” on Netflix and eventually branched off into directing shortly after being inspired by seeing a female director directing on that specific set. With her first movie “South Central Love” which she wrote, directed, & produced, being winning multiple awards overseas, airing in 8 million households, and being featured in magazines such as Variety, she continues her journey in the film world and continues to create opportunities for women, and people of all ethnicities. Christina uses her platform to stand for a change in today’s society for our urban communities and for people of all races worldwide. Her goal is to use her voice for positive change through visionary filmmaking.