Darius Cottrell
Darius Cottrell brings twenty-three years of experience in the entertainment industry along with nine years of experience as a Marine into each project he has and will produce. As a Marine, he has been involved in many campaigns around the world; a proven asset, he is known for getting the job done. He recognizes what it means to put a plan together and to bring it to completion. Prior to starting the company, he turned his motivations to the entertainment industry in 1998 learning everything he could about the industry while on set.

Darius Cottrell brings his Faith, Marine Corps background, and experience in the entertainment business to each project he is a part of. He is an actor, writer, producer, and ready to turn his attention to directing. As an actor he has appeared in a list of films, “American Sniper”, “The General’s Daughter”, “The Lincoln Lawyer”, “Mr. Church”, “Our Boy’s” and his current project “Fountain of Youth” directed by an up and-coming young director Ronak Shah, an indie film to name a few. Over the years, he has also appeared in TV shows like, “Scandal”, “Castle”, “Bones”,“The Event”, and other TV shows.
In 2016, he started a Faith-based film and TV production company called In His Hands Productions. His Faith and belief are what motivate him, bringing the Light of hope to people.