Ke Ding
Ding Ke, composer, artist. Representative works: 《 The Bad Kids 》, 《 Port of Call 》, 《 The Looming Storm》. From 2010 to 2014, he released several solo albums 《 island》, 《Beautiful Life》, 《Lucile》, 《Time》 and 《Somewhere Far Away》. His musical style is unique in China. Deeply influenced by minimalism, he uses piano, strings and electronic sound effects to create a black and white film-like artistic atmosphere. Participated in the creation of many films, advertisements, dance dramas and plays, and held many personal concerts and impromptu concerts. And worked for a number of fashion brand’s show music composition. In 2015, he created the original soundtrack recording for the Hong Kong movie 《 Port of Call 》 of director Weng Ziguang starring by Aaron Kwok. He sang in four tracks including 《Dark Sea》 and 《Beautiful Life》. With the song 《Dark Sea》, he is nonmined for both Golden Horse Award and Golden Horse Award for Best Original Film Song. Since then, he has created original music for several films, including 《 The Looming Storm》 of director Dong Yue starring Duan Yihong; director Liang Ming's first film 《Under the Sun》; and the most popular series of 2020 《 The Bad Kids 》; and the second film of director Weng Ziguang starring Tony Leung and Aaron Kwok《 Where the Wind Blows》.