Quentin SHIS
Quentin SHIS, top domestic photographer, won the world-renowned Hasselblad Masters Awards (also known as Hasselblad Photographer of the Year)" in 2009, he is the first Chinese to receive this honor. In 2007, he was selected as the photographer of the year by the Chinese edition of Esquire. With his distinctive voice, he has created numerous photographs and short films for many quintessential magazines, media companies, and creative agencies worldwide. Through the collaborations, he has established himself as one of the most singular visual storytellers and has become widely known for his rich cinematic language and lyrical narratives in his works. In the meantime, his works strike the delicate balance between great commercial successes and full expression of his artistic vision. As a visual artist, his works have been represented by galleries in USA and Europe and have been collected by the museums and private collectors. Through the process of capturing the life of light and colors, his book Familiars (2018) explores the relation between memory and image. His award-winning feature debut Café by the Highway (writer/director, 2020) with potent theme of human yearning for elsewhere/the distant worlds has been selected to multiple international film festivals.