JIN Feng,THORN, graffiti artist, member of the originator graffiti team TDScrew in New York, founder of China's top graffiti team OGScrew, champion of Jiang Xiaobai International Graffiti Competition, member of the Chinese graffiti team to Europe, domestic OLDSCHOOL graffiti representative, well-known HIPHOP graffiti promoter. Since graffiti in 2005, he has won three consecutive championships in the top domestic graffiti competitions from 2017 to 2018. His works have been included in the European street art magazine "SAM" and the Asian graffiti magazine "INVASIAN". Since 2009, he has been invited to dozens of domestic and foreign graffiti competitions and won the championship for many times. Cooperated with many well-known brands at home and abroad to create graffiti, including: Audi, China Li Ning, Balenciaga, ECCO, Hero Club/FB Dream Motor Show, etc. Create peripheral products for many domestic HIPHOP team activities and events.