Kateryna Bielobrova
Kateryna Bielobrova is a Ukrainian artist, designer and illustrator who focuses on exploring the contemporary world and human nature. Her work is a reflection of post-humanism in modern society, a reflection on human consciousness and its future. Her illustration style explores shape and volume with the help of color reflections, light and shadow. Graduated in Graphic Design from Kyiv College of Technology and Design in 2015, she has participated in several design and illustration exhibitions, including: 2021 Ilutrofest/Belgrade; 2020 Luna Sanat Gallery/Istanbul; 2018 Turin Graphic Day/Praise Magazine; Poznan Design Festival 2018. And as an expert, he has participated in professional lectures at two universities in Ukraine: 2021 Visual Communication Conference/Projection School/Ukraine; 2020 Videomatica School/Ukraine. Working with several professional clients including: Apple, Esh gruppa, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Mały Format, Imaginable Guidelines, Szajn Magazine, Vechir.ua , SANALarc etc. Her work has been published in several magazines and in 2018 she published her personal design book, Taking Your Design from Good to Great.