Sanlang Lolwu, Tibetan, born in May 1989, is a Thangka artist who founded his studio and education careers for 13 years. Sanlang's studio was set up in Qinghai, called the Tangka Qinghai Branch in 2021. His studio offers some free lectures for international students to exchange and teach unique thangka techniques. The program won the first prize in the province's traditional workshop, and thangka paintings by their few individual students won prizes in lots of workshops as well. Many universities also invited him as lecturer, such as Yantai University, Jimei University, Zhengzhou University, and so on.
Sanlang Lolwu has been interviewed by well-known media such as CCTV, South Africa Times headlines, Sichuan TV, Alba TV, etc.
In 2021, Sanlang's works were exhibited for traditional Chinese crafts by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In addition, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, the Vice Chairman of the National Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the National People's Committee Deputy Director visited his studio.