Yuanshuo Ding
Ding Yuanshuo:
Contemporary artists, illustrators
Academy lecturer
Conceptual art designer
Young painter member of China Art Association
Member of Animation Comic Art Committee of Chengdu Artists Association, Judge and Lecturer of Southwest Invited Expert Group of WACOM
Sichuan City Vocational College invited academic experts.

Serve in
Chengdu Digital Media Art College
Sichuan Institute of Science & Technology Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts
Special Lecturer, School of Film and Television and Multimedia, Sichuan Normal University Special Lecturer, Art Department of Sichuan Art Vocational College Special Lecturer, WACOM Southwest Special Lecturer
Establish Jia yi bing ding art studio
Invited cover illustrator of Science Fiction World

2012.11.15 Invited lecture on "Design and Performance" in Phoenix College of West China University
2012.12.11 Invited Chengdu University Lecture on Illustration Design and Expression 2014.12.24 Invited Sichuan Conservatory of Music Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts Digital Painting
2016.04.26 Invited Chengdu Art Vocational College Lecture on Portrait Drawing 2016.05.12 Invited Huaxin International Vocational College Lecture on CG Role Design

Solo exhibition:
2018.08.19 Art from Life Contemporary Art
2019.04.27 "Same Different" Contemporary artist Ding Yuanshuo's Participatory Art solo exhibition
2020.10.10 "Solar Terms" Ding Yuanshuo solo exhibition
2020.10.31 The Artist of Tomorrow, Ding Yuanshuo's solo exhibition salon in late autumn colorful art season
Group exhibition:
2018.11.20 "The Fifth Quadrant" 100 Art Season Joint Exhibition
2019.06.23 "Midsummer Light Year" Youth Art Exhibition
2019.07.05 "Shi Shuo Xin Jie" inherits and develops the artist exhibition.
2019.09.23 "China-Europe International Art Biennale" Vienna 2nd
2019.10.11 Calligraphy and Art Exhibition of Mo Yun Huazhang
2019.10.28 "Diagonal" Double Sharing Exhibition
2020.10.18 Eye of the City Youth Contemporary Art Exhibition
2021.05.01 Perspective Street Art Group Exhibition
221.12.11 Local Password Chengdu Biennale Tianfu Academy of Fine Arts Group Exhibition