Che Chen
Chen Che is a renowned painter from China. He has received the Young Artist Award at the 88th Annual Exhibition of the Artists' Federation, ArtWorks Project Space, and has held several solo exhibitions around the world. 2020 Inner Growth, Cheng Contemporary Art Center, Beijing 2016 Tiandi Art Space, Beijing 2016 Natural Growth, Guang 20 and Art Museum, Tianjin 2015 Holiday, Bi-metal Art, Beijing
2012 Spiritual Jungle, Hua Gallery, London, etc. In Chen Che's works, one can feel the microcosm that emerges from the infinite magnification of image details, or the cosmic space that is constantly distant and eventually out of three-dimensional limits. These extreme perspectives also form a dual expression of objective existence and life experience. Chen Che fuses abstract elements and figurative patterns, combining different materials and methods to reconstruct this natural landscape inside me, presenting us with the relationship and boundaries between the external world and our inner world.